A housewife, a mother-in-law and a granny have one thing in common: they are all poisoners

TW: Domestic violence, suicide, unspecified mental illness

With the current mice plague that is happening in Australia, it is worth remembering the last one — and the “Thallium Craze” that swept the Sydney suburbs post World War II. In total over 100 people were poisoned. Yet, there are three particular cases that were played out in the papers, these were the cases of Yvonne Fletcher, Caroline Grills and Veronica Monty.

Yvonne Fletcher

In 1948, Yvonne was a young mother of 25 years of age, who had 2 children. Although she lived in what was known as ‘the slums’ of Newtown — you…

We Happy Few reminded me why I love games

This is not a game review; however for context, We Happy Few is a action-adventure survival horror game. Set in England in an alternative WWII timeline set in the 1960s. It is a first-person perspective game that allows you to play 3 characters in this world, that interact with each other.

The characters, in the order I played them are; Arthur Hastings, Sally Boyle and Ollie Starkey. You can play characters in any order but I found the order I played them in a good introduction.

As a writer, I love good storytelling — and this game doesn’t disappoint. One…

Featuring Foodie Beauty

Disclaimer: This article is not to shame, harass or bully anyone. These are my opinions on the topic of IRL (In Real Life) Streaming as it pertains to the content I have watched from Foodie Beauty.

I grew up with the reality TV show, Big Brother, like most people around the world did. In Australia, the interest wasn’t as ever as long-lasting; however, with the invention of YouTube, getting a peek into someone else's life has never been easier. Especially when their content is either some sort of vlog or they stream their life.

Enter Foodie Beauty, also known as…

What the past teaches us about the future

The Black Death, currently the world's topped ranked epidemic, killed between 70–200 million deaths. It raged in Europe, Asia, and North Africa between 1346–1353, with the population decreased between 30–60%.

Though the majority of deaths were everyday citizens — there was a majority of deaths that were the people who were the plague doctors. Living through COVID, having gone through a period of being told that wearing a mask helps, looking at the doctor’s uniform and how they thought it would protect them, makes me glad for PPE and masks in general.

The Plague Doctors

Prior to this time, plague…

These are my thoughts

Today and yesterday have been cold and windy — as it has just gone to autumn — I know it will get colder. TLDR: I have multiple heart conditions that cause me to turn into a frost giant easily.

And although Loki is my favourite character, I rather like staying warm.

So with the cold setting in, I need to figure out how to get exercise and keep momentum when I can’t go out.

So, thoughts?

I have an Aerobic Stepper that I brought from Kmart. So if need be I can figure out things I can do.


I still use Notion — just not for task management and future planning anymore

With all productivity apps there are pros and cons. With all productivity apps there are things that it will do well that you’d expect, some things surprise you and other things seem like they work out. However, in the end, you realise you should have broken it off months ago and it will get better. For me, the last one is the realisation I have come to this week.

I love Notion, I do — however, while it can do task management, for me it started off great but breaking point has come where I need to start a fresh…

Combined with a Compulsive Note-Taker

I have talked previously about productivity, note-taking, the apps Notion, and Obsidian, as well as my Zettelkasten system. I love learning new things, a part of this is I always have a need that I want to take something away from it.

In one way this is good because I will never forget anything. However — there is a problem with it too. By wanting to take notes, I have to sit in front of my laptop and can’t for example: go for a walk and listen to a podcast.

Also, if I don’t take something away, I shouldn’t —…

Why I am moving my notes from Notion to Obsidian

Quite a few months ago, you may remember I was singing the praises of Notion to be able to organise my life. Well, time has changed and I have realised something.

While my brain things in Dewey, my creative brain needs to be free to roam…. in Obsidian.

Last year I discovered the note-taking method of Zettlekasten and it has changed my life as a writer. While I love Notion for what it can do — and it can do a lot. …

I have a few words on behalf of the person I’m keeping alive

So – I thought after 33 years in this body – I deserve to have a say.

After 33 years Tansy finally got something to celebrate. Throughout the years of yearly check-ups they have always been good. However; finally she has a clear path instead of a feeling like she just wasted her y to time.

Prior to the year that shall not be named, Tansy was under her pediatric cardiologist. Because of the fact, her cardiologist left the children’s hospital at the same time as she was meant to graduate- she just went with him and continued under him.

Tansy Bradshaw

Murderino. Cat Lady. I write about stuff that interests me. She/Her and They/Them

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