My 2024 Techno Kaigi: Digital and Analog

Tansy Bradshaw
5 min readDec 31, 2023


As 2024 starts, I look at the apps that I used and seeing what stays, what goes and what can be improved. Though I have been making posts like this for a few years — this year, I am taking the time to look at the apps and how they serve me. It was a post by Renée De Four of the same name that was the inspiration for the title.

Techno Kaigi ‘loosely translated in Japanese, it is a journaling or planner meeting that you have (with yourself) where you reflect on what you’ve been using and whether you want to continue that into the next year.’

Though I have a mainly digital system, as a writer I carry a notebook and pen with me as well. Last year, I finally found a notebook that suits me. I am also including it because the best entries of my notebooks end up in my digital system anyway.

Just like Renee, my core stack are the apps I rely on daily, while the accessory apps are the ones that provide supporting roles. It is not a complete list of all the apps I use, these are primarily for journaling and writing.


While some people like an all-in-one app, I am someone that would rather dedicated apps that do the job well than an over-bloated system. I also am someone that is 95% digital user. Because of my disability, I cannot write for long periods of time. Though I have an analog system, that is for when I am out and away from my laptop or when I am just at home and have shut down my laptop for the day.



  • Tasks
  • Project Management
  • Habits

Out of all the task management apps I have still not found the perfect app — though I am aware one doesn’t exist — TickTick is the best suited to me. A common theme over 2023 for me was cutting down my systems. By that I mean instead of creating big and extravagant setups that constantly need tweaking, simple is better for my brain. I will talk more about this with my writing apps.

Google Calendar

  • Scheduling
  • Events
  • Timetable

I have one rule: anything that is scheduled time to happen goes in the calendar. As someone…



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