The Shark Arm Murder

Aquariums are a great attraction in any capital city, unfortunately, the Coogee Aquarium and Swimming Baths were struggling. The owner, Bert Hobson, had procured a 4-metre tiger shark in order to drum up some business. It was 1935 and Australia was struggling in the great depression. Between 17 April and 25 April, the shark seemed content, he was eating and had drawn the crowds. It was on 25 April that the shark started acting up. It was moving sluggishly around its 25-by-15-foot pool, bumping into the walls and sinking to the tank’s floor, where it swam as if something was weighing it down. Soon, spectators and…



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Tansy Bradshaw

Murderino. Cat Lady. I write about stuff that interests me. She/Her and They/Them