I Am Using Obsidian Again — But Not Leaving Logseq

Tansy Bradshaw
3 min readMay 12, 2023

For many that have followed my note-taking journey over the years, you will know that I have gone from Notion to Obsidian to Logseq. The past couple of months I keep having the same argument with myself. It would always hinge on the one main question, do I go back to Obsidian?

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It isn’t that I found Logseq unusable, to the contrary I loved it. Logseq, even with its sync still in beta suited my note-taking style. The outline method. I loved how Logseq kept the linked and unlinked references on the page. The properties function was easy to understand as well as querying. Though there are some short comings, like the search (which I will note is currently a priority), lack of some plugin support and some Readwise bugs (that will be worked on); to me they aren’t huge things that will make me leave.

So what would make me consider leaving for Obsidian, even if I was happy with Logseq. The writing capabilities. This may seem silly, as I just mentioned I love the outline method. I do, it is my preferred method when it comes to note-taking; however, I am also a writer. Moreover, I need an app that has no limitations when it comes to how the text is displayed. I tried Google Docs and though it is good, there is one thing it doesn’t have that I rely on. The ability to network my notes.

One of the biggest time-waster things in Obsidian for me is the graph. That is partly why I like Logseq, because the graph isn’t as flashy as Obsidian’s — I get more work done. Then why would I consider going back to it?

This is where the way I am using Obsidian is different than how I was before. Whereas I started using Obsidian by putting everything in it, I realise now that it is better to have a specific purpose. My specific purpose for writing, specifically my articles for Medium and Wordpress; as well as my newsletters. This does not include my big project because I am managing that separately in Scrivener.

Obsidian, I have found is great for writing projects that have a lot of individual posts. With using this app, I can tag them and keep track of what things I write about often and when I wrote about said thing.

I have the benefit of the graph but because it is tracking one thing, I am not being overwhelmed, nor being distracted by…



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