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  • Journey


    Collecting real-life stories. The bestselling self-care journal app. Apple & Google Editors’ Choice 2019. https://f459h.app.goo.gl/go

  • Snipd


    Highlight & Take Notes from Podcasts in 1 click. Discover the best moments in episodes.

  • Kim To

    Kim To

    An ADHD coach. Diagnosed with Dyslexia and ADHD late in life. I write about neurodiversity, mental health, and entrepreneurship.

  • Sébastien Dubois.

    Sébastien Dubois.

    Author, Founder, CTO. Newsletter: https://newsletter.dsebastien.net. Twitter: https://twitter.com/dsebastien

  • Bryan Jenks

    Bryan Jenks

    Information Technology Associate with CA.gov, YouTuber, and perpetual student

  • Cathy Coombs

    Cathy Coombs

    Language enthusiast fueled by thinking and writing. Website: https://writerallday.com/

  • Regina Zafonte

    Regina Zafonte

    CEO and Founder at Next Levels Coaching Regina@nextlevelscoaching.com

  • Nicole Bianchi

    Nicole Bianchi

    Writer, Copywriter, Storyteller. Get my newsletter for exclusive articles & resources on how to craft compelling words: www.nicolebianchi.com.

  • Jesse William Olson

    Jesse William Olson

    Author, poet, and editor. He/they. Pollinator-friendly gardener. ADHD. Ace. Blogs are on Medium; fiction and poetry are elsewhere.

  • Kyrie Gray

    Kyrie Gray

    Writer of humor, spooky things, and history. Subscribe to my newsletter, Guffaw, for updates, musings and more fun stuff: https://guffaw.substack.com/welcome

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