After a break, I have a to-do list again.

When I got a job I started using a to-do list. After much investigation which was watching heaps of review videos, I decided on Todoist. I cannot remember where I found it, but I managed to find a really good setup with labels and filters, based on David Allen’s Getting…

Use the hastag #DEHEM21

Blue and black logo depicting a graduation cap with the words “Disabled in Higher Ed”
Taken from official website

It was a few days ago that I discovered that it was Disabled Empowerment in Higher Education Month on Twitter. I discovered that this was a celebration of disabled people in higher education. Making it more accessible and visible to the wider-world.

Over the next month conversations will be held…

My impressions as someone who is becoming a Endnote Engineer

My Endnote library as of 28th September 2021

A year ago, I achieved a lifelong dream — I purchased my own copy of Endnote X9. Over the years, when I have been in further education — I have loved the idea of having Endnote. But I have never really had the need to have it, as I hold…

Was written back in 2018

Tom Hiddleston; photo from The National Theatre Live website by Johan Persson

You may have noticed I’ve been on a little Tom Hiddleston binge, when I found out that he played Coriolanus in the Donmar Warehouse production. Trying to find it online I couldn’t so I resided to the fact that I wouldn’t be able to find it as it wasn’t released…

How I work with the majority of digital books and audiobooks

I read a lot, and a lot of what I read — I want to take notes. Though I have physical books, I tend to primarily read via ebooks or audiobooks. I thought I would write down a step-by-step article on my process of dealing with books. …

Tansy Bradshaw

Murderino. Cat Lady. I write about stuff that interests me. She/Her and They/Them

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